Let’s outline the benefits of SMS marketing

1. Your audience is most engaged on their mobile devices.
The average person checks her phone 110 times per day! The average person has their cell phone within arms' reach 14 hours out of every day. For teenagers, that number jumps to almost 24 hours per day! 44% of people take their phones to bed with them so they don't miss an update. 67% of people check their phones regardless of them ringing. Clearly, if you want to bypass the clutter and noise of traditional marketing and communications mediums and deliver your message quite literally into your customers' hands where it won't be missed, this is the way to do it.
2. Amost Everyone Has a Cell Phone!
97% of Americans between the ages of 18-49 own a cell phone. This number may seem astounding, but it's reflective of a world-wide trend. No matter where in the world you are, and the numbers are similar and reflective of the same trend. Connecting with an older demographic? Even seniors are jumping on the band wagon. Today, the Pew Research Center reports over 74% of people over the age of 65 have a cell phone... because often, texting is the easiest way to stay connected with their children and grand-children. 90% of cell phone owners over 50 use texting regularly, that number jumps to 98% for users between 30-49, and 100% for users between 18-29.
3. SMS / Text Is a Low Cost, Low Tech, Comfortable Technology
Place a single, one time run of a banner across the top of or bottom of your local newspaper, and you’re looking at anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars of out of pocket cost, depending on the publication’s distribution numbers. A radio ad? Several thousand dollars for 2-week run… minimum. With consumer confidence is the doldrums and spending down accordingly, many business owners can no longer afford to gamble away their dwindling cash reserves. Text marketing, on the other hand is not only cost effective but it is extremely efficient, since you only ever spend your money when your advertising message is delivered to targeted customers. There is no waste, no fat. The SMS rate may go down to 0.01/message compared with average cost of Adword $2.50 and Facebook Ad $0.80. Don't forget, you could retarget these audiences regularly without paying for leads. This represents an incredible opportunity for merchants. No other marketing medium on the planet can make this claim!
4. SMS / Text Is Engaging
Although it varies slightly depending on whose numbers you look at, the "open rate" for SMS messages is between 95-99%, with most of the messages opened within 3 minutes of their arrival. That means that for every 100 messages you send, between 95-99% of them are seen and acknowledged by your audience. When you consider that the industry average open rate for email newsletters is between 1-2% and the reach of your Facebook posts and updates is between 2-6%, it becomes clear that nothing else even comes close!
5. SMS / Text marketing is not currently widely used...yet.
Business owners who adopt a text marketing solution now will gain a huge advantage over their competitors, especially as text marketing becomes more and more mainstream. Right now, this medium is relatively uncluttered, and for the most part, only being used by large companies. Right now text marketing has, I guess you could say, a certain novelty to it. Almost like when you first started getting emails.